March 12, 2020

Tips for Choosing Quality Movies

You can join the movie lover community. This will make your movie knowledge more and more developed. You can discuss with the community when you are off work by opening small talk and becoming an exciting talk. Here are some things you need to do to watch quality movies on 123 movies:

1. Movie Genre
The first thing is you have to determine what genre of movie to watch. Like drama, comedy, thriller, horror, biography, romance, crime, mystery, sci-fi and others. Of course, in the selection of this genre, it is adjusted to the mood or movie you want to watch the most so you can enjoy the movie until the end of the story. This method also makes it easier for you to not have to search for movie titles that you don’t already know.

2. Trailer
After finding the appropriate genre, you can directly watch the movie trailer on YouTube. Although the trailer only shows pieces of each scene, from there we can briefly assess how the story of the movie we will watch later. But be careful, we must be more detailed to see a trailer usually shows the part that makes us curious.

3. Cast
Apparently, the involvement of actors/actresses who play in a movie is very influential for someone choosing a movie to watch. Usually, a movie starring famous actors/actresses with its flagship genre will make the movie more suitable to watch. Like Josh Brolin (Sicario), Harrison Ford (Star Wars: Han Solo), Vin Diesel (Fast & Furious), Bruce Willis (Die Hard) and many more. However, not a few movies starring famous Hollywood actors/actresses are not in accordance with our expectations.

4. Director
The quality of a movie is expected by everyone, especially movie lovers. Before watching, of course, you must also know who is the director of the movie. Seeing the achievements of the director there are no doubt that the movies he directed are often financially successful and Box Office movies. Like Christoper Nolan who has been proven to create quality movies.

5. Production house
Production houses can also be your consideration in choosing movies, especially if you want to watch movies with genres of animation, sci-fi, fantasy, and others that require sophisticated technology such as CGI and effects that make the movie more real. Among them, 20th Century Fox, Warner Bros., Walt Disney Pictures, Paramount, Lucasmovie, New Line Cinema and many more.

Hopefully, the above methods can make it easier for you to choose a quality movie. Maybe you have plans to watch a movie together with friends, couples or family this weekend? You can try it.